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1st Conference: Sunday 10th September, 2000
Bharatpur, Rajasthan

New Delhi
September, 2000

Indian Oil-seed and edible oil industry is facing imminent danger. Just about a couple of years ago we were almost self-sufficient in meeting our edible oil consumption. Today, more than 50% of our requirement is being me of oil imports - resulting in sub-optimum utlization of the production capacity of our oil-production factories. Some of these units are even facing sure closure. The mustard-crop producers have not even been able to obtain the government-fixed rate for their produce. Same is true of the producers of other oil crops too.

It is quite evident that the entire "dropsy" disease drama was stage-managed to malign the local mustard oil production. The opportunity has been seized by foreign oil companies, busy in exporting their cheaper, but definitely harmful oil produce (like Palm oil) to the Indian comsumer.

It is indeed imperative that our oil inductry is saved at all costs - more so because it provides livelihood to a wide work-force of our nation. This industry can only be saved if the industrialists, labourers, farmers, oil-sellers, scientists, economists and the socially wary consumers establish mutual understanding. It is to this effect that this first conference is being organised. You are cordially invited to the conference, and you must definitely attend and provide your active participation in making this oil industry movement a sure success.


Rajasthan Oil Millers Association
U.P. Oil Millers Association
Haryana Oil Industry Association
M.P. Oil Industry Assocation
Gujarat Oil Industry Union
Maharashtra Oil Manufacturers' Association
Mustard Reserach and Promotion Consortium, Delhi
Indian Farmers' Association (Ambavata)
Bharatpur Chamber of Commerce and Industries, Bharatpur
Azadi Bachao Andolan, India

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