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New Delhi
20th March 2001


Gandhi Bhawan, Chaitham Lines
Allahabad 211 002, U.P., India
Phone: 0532-641872
Fax: 0532-466798

The Plant Manager
Pepsi Cola/Coca Cola Bottling Plant
Satharia (Jaunpur)/Rajtalab (Varanasi)

Date: February 1, 2001

Dear Sir,

The Principals, teachers and the students belonging to more than 350 schools in the triangular region between Allahabad - Varanasi - Jaunpur, along with the local population and thousands of grass root activists from Haryana, Rajasthan, Bihar, M.P., Maharashtra, Karnataka, Tamilnadu and Delhi today stood together in the form of a Human Chain to order you to quit the region and quit India. Any one who believes in democracy and reason should respect the nonviolent, yet well-considered judgement of the educationists, the commanders of the Youth Brigade of the country. May you know that among thousands of supporting schools more than 450 school Principals, representing recognised private schools and government-aided schools from Delhi alone have expressed their full support in our action and demand. Not only the social activists and educationists, but the prominent leaders from different religious groups including the Archbishop of Delhi, Rev. Vincent Concesso, Acharya Mahendra Muni of Terapanth Jain Samaj, leaders of the Gurudwara Prabandhak Committee and Arya Samaj have expressed their communities’ wholehearted support and solidarity with us.

The stories of your misdeeds are old and have been narrated on a number of occasions and in writing too in his magazine by the Hon’ble Defence Minister Mr. George Fernandez himself. Green Peace campaigned against you, declaring "Pepsi pollutes the Planet with plastic". Do you remember your shamelessness in bringing 25 shipload of plastic waste from the streets of America, to be dumped in a village in Tamilnadu ?

You have used your money-power time and again to corrupt politicians. Our brilliant cricketers have been meticulously made greedy by you and subsequently got corrupt. Today, they stand ruined, and so does the game of cricket. For profit motive alone you don’t spare even the teenagers to be corrupted and debased. During the Mister/Miss School Contest sponsored by Pepsi, adultery and drinking (liquor) is glorified and promoted. Coca-cola have brought out extremely obscene posters inviting the youth for "Sexy dressing" and got them pasted on school-walls at Delhi, against which we moved the court.

One of the greatest concern of the global family is health of the mankind and you contribution through the publicity has been to damage the health of even the well-to-do people. That is why the Mexican medical doctors are campaigning against the consumption of Pepsi/Coke. And, the Director of the National Nutrition Institute of USA is campaigning for banning cold drinks in school canteens. The Malaysian consumer groups indict you for causing malnourishment, obesity, osteoporosis, tooth-erosion and so on in their book entitled, ‘The Real Thing in Soft Drinks’. Many more groups round the world are busy bringing awareness to counter your advertisements and publicity in their effort to save people’s health. May you also recall how Coca-Cola is found guilty of racial discrimination and has been condemned by civilised people everywhere.

It is not your dirty global image alone, but the massive consumption of water at your plant for soft drink and washing of the bottles has created water scarcity in the nearby region at Satharia and Rajtalab. The affected farmers are not going to tolerate your presence in the region any longer.

We are heartbroken due to the natural disaster at Gujarat. But our anguish and frustration at the man-made disaster caused by you adds insult to our injury. You could manipulate and trick the politicians successfully. It should not be believed as acceptance or surrender by the nation, by the common man. We may not ne always able to control the growing restlessness among the youth and the local population. We do hope that you will see reason, and act promptly.

With regards,

V.P. Srivastava   Padamshri R.S. Gahlot   Manoj Tyagi   Dr. B.L. Sharma


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